Sunday, May 13, 2012

another marshals haul

another haul from marshals.  so i can't go into marshals anymore because when i do i always manage to find all this stuff to add to my stash! lol! small haul

i bought these shake it things from impression obsession because i was looking to make some cards with a  shake in the middle and i watched people make them in other ways with so many steps that this just seemed like the right way and quick way to do it.  i want to make a card but not go nuts with all that other stuff. when i make a card with this i will post it here with this video.

another lawn haul

this was my first order where the obsession began!

studio g walmart haul

went to walmart and to my surprise my junky walmart had all this stuff yay! haul

another order from lawn i'm addicted to them the stamps are so cute and funny and easy to use haul

these stamps are so adorable check them out go to their site they are inexpensive and very nice!

joanns haul

i finally got to go to joanns and i was super happy and this is what i got

marshalls haul

another haul from marshals i got everything on sale this time and it was great!

stampers best haul

if you haven't been to yet you should go check it out that site has such beautiful stuff

early morning michaels haul

a haul i got one morning when i didn't go to work because i wasn't feel so hot

project card share

all of my recent cards that i have been making

mothers day project card share

my mothers day card project share video

some cards that i have made recently

hi its been a while and i have been incredibly busy but i have been trying to make some cards to add to my made pile lol so here they are and i hope you enjoy them.  please let me know if you like them and also if you have any of these stamps i would love to see what you made.
as you can see in the pictures i make two of the same card at a time i don't know why but i have always done it like that.  call me crazy! the crazy crafter!!!!

 The card above this the one with the purple polka dots is like my quick birthday card it is very easy for me to make and people love it.

 This card i think just came out so beautiful in person the colors are just beautiful and it has a sort of shabby thing going on. i liked it right away. and it gave me an opportunity to use my cricut imagine which i haven't used in forever.

 This was an anniversary card that i made the champagne bottle i made with my cricut imagine and the star background i used my martha punch anywhere on the page and made a pattern it came out very nice and also i used an action wobble on the bottle so it moves its so fun!

 this card i used a pattern that i found on a blog i believe its well she's a genius go look her up.

 oh these two cards are from my recent washi tape insanity collection of collecting it so after i got all this tape i have no idea what to do with it so i played with these two cards to see if i loved it and it's ok.

 this stamp is beautiful omg its so good.  so i stamped it then paper pieced the bird cage and the bird then i did some chalk coloring on the leaves and branches and used some paper flowers with brads in the middle to give it a little extra.

 this is another stamp i found in a store that i go to in the city i saw it and was like omg! now michaels has another version of the stamp but its smaller.  oh i think its called ranunculus.  well its so good. i stamped it then did a lot of color chalk blending on them i wanted them to look dreamy. then of course i added the rhinestones and the pearls for that little something.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Haven't been on here in a while

I haven't updated in a long while I haven't updated in a while. I have been making cards like crazy and I will post all the pics on a few days. On the us side I made a friend through YouTube and its pretty cool. Ok well this week I will put stuff up to show you guys so stay tuned

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My haul/ hoard lol! if you have any of these papers let me know. and i'd love to see what you've done with them. 
My first Michaels Haul Video that I posted on YouTube!
What fun!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Some More cards I have made

Going through my laptop and searching my iphone photo album I have found some more pics of cards that I have made.  I hope you enjoy looking at them and I hope that I inspire someone to make something the same way I am so inspired to make cards when I look at other peoples creations. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Some Cards I have made

Some cards I have made.
I will post some of the cards that i have made and some are very raw as i am new to this but i made them and have shared them with friends and family.  i want you to see them as well and i hope you enjoy them as much as i have enjoyed making them.